Campaign for Conservation

A Vision for Growth

Local land trusts are hard at work protecting Rhode Island’s important landscapes, ensuring our citizens benefit from clean air & water, healthy food systems, recreational opportunities, and enhanced wildlife habitat. Over the next four years (2023-2026), we will fundraise in order to grow the capacity of the Rhode Island Land Trust Council’s programs and services, and help land trusts have what they need to succeed.

Campaign Priorities:

  • Advocacy Fund

    Uniquely positioned as the voice of land conservation at the State House, this fund sustains our efforts to create advantageous legislation while combatting negative legislation.
    GOAL: $500,000

  • Volunteer Corps

    A volunteer corps will respond to the needs of Land Trusts. This dedicated group will help with maintaining trails, monitoring properties, and administrative duties.
    GOAL: $200,000

  • Technical Assistance

    Increased workshops, trainings and expert technical assistance for Land Trusts. Professional assistance and a Land Protection Microgrant Program.
    GOAL: $150,000

  • Statewide Public Engagement Activities

    Increased statewide public engagement activities provides exposure of Land Trusts and their properties to wider audiences, helping them attract more supporters, donors and volunteers.
    GOAL: $150,000