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Did you know that Rhode Island land trusts protect more than 57,000 acres? Or that the majority of land trusts are run entirely by volunteers? As such, land trusts have come to rely on the Rhode Island Land Trust Council to advocate for, provide technical support, and develop responsible policy and action plans.

The Council owns no land itself, so that means every dollar raised directly impacts the resources and tools that we make available to land trusts. By supporting the Council you are increasing the capacity of all land trusts in the State.

Your support means that you are helping to:

  • Promote responsible land use and stewardship
  • Advocate for sound land conservation policy
  • Expand programming like Land Trust Days and the RIWalks Challenge that showcase land trust properties and programs
  • Ensure future generations have access to open spaces
A 2022 Land Trust Days event held in Coventry where the public is pausing to enjoy protected and open spaces.
A 2022 Land Trust Days event held in Coventry where the public is pausing to enjoy protected and open spaces.
Land trusts provide fun for the whole family, everyone benefits from time in open and protected spaces.

Your donation is tax-deductible! The RI Land Trust Council operates as a project of TSNE Mission Works (TSNE) a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. TSNE is the Council’s fiscal sponsor.

Executive Director, Kate Sayles, with former Executive Director, Rupert Friday, with one of the RIWalks Creatures.

Consider making a donation today, or reach out to learn more ways that you can support the Council and its work.

Campaign for Conservation

RILTC's 4 year $1 Million Fundraising Campaign

Over the next four years the Campaign for Conservation will transform the Rhode Island Land Trust Council’s capacity to advocate and facilitate land trusts further improving their opportunities for success.

There are four main areas of focus:

  • Advocacy Fund
    • Goal – $500,000
  • Technical Assistance
    • Goal – $150,000
  • Volunteer Corps
    • Goal – $200,000
  • Statewide Public Engagement Activities
    • Goal – $150,00

Consider making a donation today or click here to learn more about the Campaign for Conservation.

If you are interested in pledging a sustaining gift please reach out to Victoria Antonucci / 401-641-5500

401Gives - April 1, 2023

Join the State for a day of giving that will raise over $4 million for local non profits.

This year RILTC is participating in 401Gives with a goal of $6,000! There are many ways to get involved. Click here to learn more about RILTC and 401Gives and mark your calendar for Saturday April 1, 2023!

Interested in supporting the Council during 401Gives? Sign up here and we will be in touch soon!

Powered by United Way of Rhode Island, 401Gives brings people together to make a difference for local nonprofits that deliver vital services to our communities throughout the state. 401Gives unites and offers everyone a safe, comfortable, and familiar virtual fundraising experience all while giving nonprofits unrestricted funds that strengthen Rhode Island.