Mission Statement

RILTC leads efforts to conserve land in Rhode Island by supporting land trusts and their collaborators through capacity building, convenings, and public engagement and by advocating for sound land conservation policies.

Guiding Principles

Rhode Island Land Trust Council is committed to:

Conservation Benefits: we believe that the conservation and stewardship of natural places and other open space lands is critical for wildlife habitats, clean water, fresh air, and productive farms and forests. Conserved land is essential for outdoor recreation, scenic beauty, and the quality of life for all Rhode Islanders. It is the foundation for the state’s tourism and outdoor recreation economy. Land conservation also helps natural areas and communities adapt to rising sea levels, severe weather, and the changing climate.

Local Effort: we believe that supporting local land trusts – especially the smaller, volunteer-led ones – strengthens their ability to conserve and steward natural places and other open space lands, engage their communities, and defend their conservation accomplishments for future generations.

Collaboration: we believe that partnerships and collaboration between Rhode Island’s land trusts, state and municipal agencies, and other partners is crucial to achieve our conservation goals. We are grateful for, and honor, the work of every organization helping with conservation in Rhode Island. We will foster the development of strong relationships between neighboring conservation groups and nurture collaboration whenever possible.

Strong Advocacy: we believe that having an independent, land conservation advocate at the Statehouse is the best way to promote legislation to support land conservation and land trusts and make the case for more state funds for land conservation.

Public Enjoyment and Support: we believe in the important role of land trusts, open space, and protected publicly accessible lands in our communities. We need to engage all members of our communities and connect them with the special places that are being protected. We know that when community residents are connected with and enjoy protected lands, they care about these places which results in strong public support for land conservation.

Permanence for Future Generations: We are dedicated to conserving land permanently for the purpose(s) for which any land has been protected, and strengthening the state and federal laws to safeguard land conservation accomplishments. This honors the vision, leadership and work of those who protect land and is our legacy to those who will come after us.