Rhode Island Land Trust Council

The Rhode Island Land Trust Council is a coalition of the state’s land trusts - community-based organizations formed to protect our special places: the scenic open spaces, natural areas, farms, forests, historic sites, watersheds, and drinking water supplies that define the character of our communities and our state. Land trusts are protecting our heritage so that it will be a legacy for future generations.

Photo credit: David Thalmann, Aquidneck Land Trust

Land Trusts in Rhode Island are grass roots organizations that reflect the unique priorities of their communities. Rhode Island’s first land trusts were formed in 1972. Today there are over 45 land trusts in the state.

Only 11 Rhode Island land trusts have staff - the others are volunteer organizations. Dozens of people across the state volunteer 100's of hours to preserve and manage our communities' most valued open space lands. You can help by joining and volunteering for the land trust in your community.

Visit ExploreRI for information on land trusts’ walking trails.

Land Trust Days ENCORE! Thanksgiving Weekend

November 24, 25, 26 and 27

RI Land Trust Days MeetUp page

We are having an ENCORE for Land Trust Days during Thanksgiving Weekend. The Council encourages you to get outdoors with your family and celebrate the holiday by spending time in nature and enjoying the special places that land trusts are protecting. Join a land trust walk.

Or take a DIY (do it yourself) hike – explore one of the land trust trails from the ‘buffet’ of over 55 trail systems that you can find at ExploreRI.org.

Land Trust Days ENCORE Activities are part of the #OptOutside movement initiated by a major retailer that is closing their doors on Black Friday and encourage us all to get outdoors that day -- instead of shopping -- to demonstrate what matters the most to you. 

After Thanksgiving, RI Land Trust Council will continue to post land trusts’ walks and other activities on MeetUp and Facebook all year round.


67% of RI Voters Approve $35 Million Green Economy Bond – Question 6!

On election day, Rhode Island voters demonstrated their ongoing strong support for land conservation by overwhelmingly approving the $35 million Green Economy Bond.  The majority of voters statewide and in every town voted Yes for the bond.

These 7 municipalities had the highest approval rates:

  • #1 Central Falls - 84.7% 
  • #2 New Shoreham - 84.3% 
  • #3 Providence - 82.9% 
  • #4 Newport - 76.5%
  • #5 Pawtucket - 74.6%
  • #6 Barrington - 71.8%
  • #7 South Kingstown - 70.5%

Check out voter’s strong support for the Green Economy Bond. Here are the vote results by municipality.

The Green Economy Bond provides:
$4 million for the Local Open Space Grants Program; and
$4 million for RIDEM’s land protection program.

Since 1985, Local Open Space Grants have made it possible for land trusts and municipalities to protect the special places in our communities. During these 30 years, Open Space Grants have helped to protect over 160 properties and more than 10,000 acres. 

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